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As a  professional tree service company serving the beautiful state of North Carolina, we are  there to help homeowners and business owners with all their tree-related needs. While trees are beautiful and bring in more fresh air throughout an area because of the oxygen they release, there are times when they need to be removed or properly handled because they are dying, growing out of control, or are even tilting over a home due to severe storms. When these issues occur, it is never safe for a business owner or homeowner to take matters into their own hands because then they are putting themselves and others at risk of getting injured by falling trees and their branches.

Trimming Trees to Keep Them Properly Maintained

If you have a tree that is growing out of control, you are probably dealing with branches and leaves falling over the place. As the tree becomes larger and even more difficult to manage, it becomes a place where pests may start to linger as they look for a safe and comfortable place to hibernate or hide out from predators. Unfortunately, overgrown trees can cause all kinds of problems for you, including an unexpected pest problem that you probably do not want to deal with at any time in the future. An easy way to avoid these problems is to let the tree service company come out and trim the tree that is growing out of control to keep it properly maintained.

Trimming may seem easy, but it is actually strenuous and time-consuming work that should always be performed by a professional. The professionals have the tools needed to easily remove branches and trim them down a bit so that they are no longer spreading out throughout the property and causing a major problem for anyone.

Removing Dead Trees From Properties

If a tree is dead, it is going to start rotting, and that will quickly become a problem. As it continues rotting for months and years, the trunk gets weaker and weaker. There will come a time that the tree trunk is so weak that it eventually breaks down. It is even possible that the tree trunk will snap in two, falling down and possibly landing on a home, commercial property, or even on some of the vehicles that are parked within a close distance of the tree. The professionals can handle the removal of dead trees, following a certain process to ensure that things are done correctly and safely.

Getting Rid of Old Tree Stumps

Professionals working for the tree service company can trim trees and remove dead ones from properties, but they also know how to remove old tree stumps. If a tree was cut down incorrectly and the stump was not removed from the ground, it could start rotting and it is probably a huge eyesore as well. By having the stumps removed, risks are eliminated, and the area will look much better.

When you have any tree-related issues, never try to handle them all alone because you will take the risk of getting hurt. Our dedicated service professionals provides numerous useful services, including tree trimming, dead tree removal, and stump removal.

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Other Great Tree Services We Offer:

Stump Grinding - Stump Removal

Stumps can ruin your landscape and be hard to get rid of.  Let our team bring professional stump grinding equipment and experience to rid you of your unsightly yard stumps once and for all.

Tree Trimming and Cleanup

Are your trees healthy but need some trimming to clear some real estate or possibly avoid future danger or problems.  We are glad to do simple trimming and cleanup after a storm or emergency.  Just Call.

Tree Topping - Tree Care

Sometimes you don’t want to remove a tree completely but its growth is getting out of hand.  Tree topping can be your answer in this situation.  Give us a call to talk about your options and get a free no obligation estimate.

Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning from Experts

Sometimes tree trimming and tree pruning are a necessity. Tree services like these help your trees become more healthy and live a longer thriving life. You can use proper tree trimming to groom your trees to take the shape you desire that is more pleasant to the eye and more condusive to its surroundings. Tree trimming is also used when your trees are growing to such a size that they can interfere with powerlines, real estate or encroach on to a neighbors proporty. Tree pruning can save future problems by removing an issue befor it happens.

Tree Cutting and Tree Removal Services

Sometimes a tree just has to go.  If you don’t have it removed you could run the risk of it falling on its own and that can cause tens of thousands of dollars in property damage or even injury. Some small jobs can be done by the good ol DIY Tree Removal process but anything requiring more than a step ladder is recommended to hire a professional tree removal company. The tree removal process can be a very calculative and intense process.  Please be safe and hire a professional tree cutter.

Our Stump Removal and Stump Grinding Services

Getting rid of stumps is no easy task.  You may be left with a stump on your property from having a tree cut down or from a diseased tree falling on its own.   To remove a stump completely you will need a professional stump grinding team. Some individuals choose to rent a stump grinder and spend a ton of time and work realizing its much harder than it looks. Our Stump Removal experts can make it easy and affordable for you.


Thank you for considering Tree Service Magic for your tree company needs.  We take great pride in giving our customers the best in customer service and affordable pricing on tree removal.